What do we offer?

–        opportunity to make a minimum one-month car hire commitment,

–        car hire at great prices,

–        customized cars,

–        passenger, passenger-commercial and commercial cars,

–        full technical service

When can we help?

–        Antytime, especially when new companies are unable to buy a new vehicle during the start-up.

–        Periodically, when the company is forced to employ new staff and a company car is essential.

–        Our offer is also beneficial from the economical point of view, when your vehicle is being repaired or you are waiting for a new company car,

–        We can satisfy your transportation needs with both passenger and commercial vehicles from 0,5 to 1,5 tonnes.

Cheaper does not equal worse.

When analysing all expenses deriving from the maintenance, level of usage of the vehicle, technical service, credit and insurance charges you may see that the long term rental is the most convenient form of using a vehicle.