Car for your holiday leave

If you plan to go on holiday, either domestic or abroad, it is worth to consider hiring a car. A long-distance trip of 5-9 people could be taken by a 7-, 8- or 9-seat van instead of two cars. You travel by one vehicle only, then.

Advantages of going by one vehicle only:

–        tolls in particular countries paid for one car only,

–        filling up petrol of only one car,

–        no need to watch whether another car is still behind, or to follow the car in front of us when we stopped at crossroad traffic lights.

It gets more and more popular to hire a 9-person van for a holiday leave. Since our company was started, we have gained much experience and guarantee top professional service.

Our car rental provide new or up to 4-year-old cars for such trips, such as Renault Trafic or Opel Vivaro. They are usually equipped with 9 seats, double air conditioning, spacious trunk, full insurance cover, green card.

The holiday car hire prices you may find in our Price list.

Cars may be booked via the website, e-mail or by phone.

Enjoy our service, full satisfaction guaranteed.